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TEKA DIRECT Advantages

For every laser application the right air filter available!

NOW ONLY: US$ 1,699.00!
List price: US$ 1,799.00
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Powerful Air Filtration for a Small Budget
FILTOO is a state of the art, mobile filter unit that can be used for the filtration of fumes, dusts, and even gases.It has a separation efficiency of >99.9%.

Robust and solid, it is built with a sturdy steel sheet construction and is powder-coate...
NOW ONLY: US$ 2,500.00!
List price: US$ 3,100.00
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LMD 508
Filter Unit for Numerous Laser Applications
The LMD 508 is a cart type, portable fume and particle extractor with maintenance-free high performance turbines, a replaceable high efficiency particulate air filter (HEPA), and an additional activated carbon filter.

The unit includes 2 pre-filt...
NOW ONLY: US$ 7,600.00!
List price: US$ 8,900.00
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Filtercube 2N
Big Solution for Large Lasers. Highly Cost-Effective!
Filtercube 2N is a large filter system for laser applications.

The very high air flow enables multiple work stations or high power single laser systems to be connected to this unit.

The unit is also available as a Mid-Vacuum unit with 300 cfm...
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