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TEKA DIRECT Advantages
Keep your workspace air clean

Air filtration for welding processes

Welding emission/particles should settle on filter cartridge and not in your lung.

Welding fume extraction units are able to move large quantities of air and ensure that your welding work-space stays clear of carcinogenic particles and emissions.

TEKA offers mobile or stationary filter units, for any size of room or budget. Our Filtoo is the best selling welding smoke extractor in its class. The perfect solution for smaller shops.
Our large Filtercubes allow you to add multiple work-stations to one filter unit. This saves cost and room.

You can order filter units or spare filters directly here or contact us by phone to get a free assessment on what unit is suitable for your individual situation.

Powerful Air Filtration for a Small Budget
Handycart HD
A Clever and Small Air Cleaning Unit
Suction Arms - Wall mounted
Flexible Solutions to Capture Welding Fumes
Mobile Cartridge Filter Unit - OUR BEST FILTER
Suction Cranes
Nothing Is Out of Reach
Filtercube 2N
Central Filter Unit - MEDIUM
Filtercube 4N
Central Filter Unit - LARGE
Filtercube package
Filtercube 2N with 3x 9 feet arms
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