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Airfilter Mini Cleanmaster LMD 517 Cleanmaster Mini

Cleanmaster Mini

Small Central Suction and Filtering Devise

About Cleanmaster Mini

Cleanmaster Mini is a central suction and filtering device . This unit is especially suited for the use at laser devices.

Cleanmaster Mini with air inlet in diam. 200 mm

The first filter step is a bag filter, then a large pre-filter of the filtering category F5 departs the rough particles. Subsequently, the air will be lead through the high efficiency submicron particulate air-filter H13 (separting degree of 99,95%) where the last fine smokes and particles will be separated.

As an end filter, this device is equipped with an active carbon filter-cassette for the adsorption of gases and smells.

The cleaned air go back to the room over the silencer housing.

The housing is made of stable steel-sheet and is insid,e and even outside, powder coated.

As a standard solution there is a filter sealing equipment build in which takes care for the absolutely tightness.

An automatic control shows when a filter change is necessary.

Self-evident, the device is delivered ready for plug-in and is also equipped with 5,0 m cable.
Technical information
Max. pressure [Pa]2,800
Pre-filterG4, activated carbon filter
Main-filterF5, H13
Engine performance [kW]2.2
Voltage [V]400
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