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LMD 501

Filter Unit for Powerful Lasers

About LMD 501

The LMD 501 offers a larger air flow and twice the filter size as the LMD 508. The LMD 501 is a cart type, portable fume and particle extractor with maintenance-free high performance turbines, a replaceable high efficiency particulate air filter (HEPA), and additional activated carbon filter.

The unit includes a pre-filter for maximum performance and to increase the HEPA filters’ service life.

The cutting of acrylics or plywood often generates "sticky fumes", which drastically reduce the lifetime of the HEPA filters. We now offer an optional pocket pre filter to extend the lifetime of the main filter.

The unit is equipped with a digital filter monitoring system, adjustable turbine speed, full turbine protection and an easy to change filter system. Separate filters for particles and fumes are included to keep filter replacement costs low.

The LMD 501 is available with an exhaust muffler that allows this powerful unit to operate with outstanding performance at low noise levels. An adapter plate for discharge air operations is also available.
Technical information
Max. volumetric flow of the fan [cfm]0 - 300
Max. pressure [Pa]21,000
Pre-filterPrefilter matting, activated carbon
Main-filterParticle filter
Engine performance [kW]2.4
Voltage [V]110 - 60Hz
Rated current [A]20
Protection typeIP54
Weight [lbs]140
Dimensions (W x H x D)14 x 30 x 27
Separation efficiency [%]99.997
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