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Self Cleaning Cartridge Filter for Medium to Large Applications

About LFE-101

The LFE 101 is a mobile mid vacuum cartridge filter unit designed for laser applications that produce high quantities of dust and particles.

Fumes and particles are drawn through an aluminum pre-filter that distributes them evenly over a large surface area cartridge filter. The cartridge filter is coated with a special precoat powder that protects the filter fabric.

The LFE 101 offers a cleaning function that sprays compressed air over the cartridge at preset intervals. Large particles fall into a
2 gallon dust collection bin. An activated carbon filter removes any remaining fumes and gases. The turbine’s suction can be adjusted by remote control. A digital display on the remote control shows the condition of the filter. A SUB D9 interface makes it possible for a laser system to activate the filter unit.

An automated Precoat Dispenser is available for laser applications that produce sticky fumes, such as the processing of plastic, wood, and laminates.
Technical information
Max. volumetric flow of the fan [cfm]0 - 170
Max. pressure [Pa]15,000
Main-filterFilter cartridge / carbon
Engine performance [kW]1
Voltage [V]110 / 230 - 60Hz
Rated current [A]7
Protection typeIP 54
Weight [lbs]235
Dimensions (W x H x D)30 x 50 x 16
Separation efficiency [%]99.997
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