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Airfilter Mini

Big Solution - in a MINI Package

About Airfilter Mini

An efficient unit with a high volumetric air flow and a low noise emission for working places and calm environments.

The use of a 3-step filtering system permits the operation for most different suction solutions: e.g. with laser units, in dental and medical technologies, the electronics industry, in hospitals, at dermatologists, and restorers.

The unit can be used as an undertable unit or as free standing unit to which exhaust arms in a size of 50 mm - 75 mm can be attached.

Technical information
Max. volumetric flow of the fan [cfm]180
Max. pressure [Pa]900 - 21,000
Pre-filterPre-filter mat
Main-filterHEPA / Coal combi
Engine performance [kW]1.2
Voltage [V]400
Rated current [A]0.3
Weight [lbs]62
Dimensions (W x H x D)14 x 15 x 25
Separation efficiency [%]more than 99
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