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Product Videos

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Video Filtoo FILTOO: Small and powerful!
Video Steam Mr. Steam receives a filtration unit.
Video Mobile Mobile suction unit. Installation and setup.
Airtech AIRTECH: Airfiltration on a large scale!
Air in motion TEKA: We set air in motion!

Brochures & Catalogs

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Most our units in one catalog. Free PDF to download.

Laser brochure LASER CATALOG
This catalog specializes in units for processes involving lasers.

Image brochure An idea ahead
Why we are successful.


Icon frequenty asked questions
Why does the suction unit not start?

Please make sure all cables are attached properly and that the power outlet actually delivers electricity.

Could the device somehow catch on fire?

Our devices safely kill all sparks and emissions of welding/lasering/soldering. Please refrain from directly throwing other burning materials and cigarettes into the hose/tube.

When do I need to change the filter?

That actually depends on how much you use the device. As a rule of thumb: between every 3 to 12 months.

How do I know if the cleansing of the air is sufficient now? Can I measure that somehow?

Yes you can. There are different tools for measuring the air purity available. If you like our salesmen or technician can come out to you to measure it for you. Please contact us for that.

What happens if anyone throws a cigarette stub into the hose?

Please refrain from doing so. In general it will not be a problem but the devices are not designed for that and in an unfortunate case it might actually cause a fire.

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